John had asked me to channel for him and talk with Dennie, but I was told by John that Dennie “wasn’t ready.”




Channeling in the Dream State

by Linda Mutch

I met Dennie Briggs in the fall of 1965 at San Francisco State University. Dennie was a visiting professor and I was a student of his for about two years there. We developed a friendship and over the years, he and his partner John Maher would join my family for dinner.

As time passed, I was sad to learn that Dennie’s partner John, (25 year relationship!) was dying. John and I had shared Spiritual interests and I had learned how to channel. One evening when we were sharing a meal, John asked to speak alone with me. He was a gifted chef, writer, poet and was so soft spoken. I knew he was ill and we hugged as though this might be the last time I saw him. (It was).

John had respected the Spiritual path my life had taken and we shared many conversations about life, death and the possibility of an afterlife. So it was not surprising to me that John said he was disappointed that Dennie did not share this belief with me or him. Yet John was very serious when he told me “I want you to channel me to Dennie after I am gone. Dennie isn’t ready now but when the day comes, please do this for me.”

John died December 4, 1995. My family and I had relocated to Colorado by that time as I had retired & was an instructor at a small private college. But as life would have it, I returned to California in 2007 and resumed seeing Dennie, mostly for lunches. We picked up our friendship as if I had been seeing him regularly. In fact we spoke of many things I had learned and Dennie even taped one of our conversations. Dennie now seemed to be much more open about Spiritual things I was saying. I shared with him that I had done a “Firewalk” and had participated in Native American Ceremonies, which included building my own Sweat Lodge.

It was during one of our many lunches at Dennie’s home when we found ourselves sharing personal experiences again. Only this time something magical happened. I brought up that John had asked me to channel for him and talk with Dennie, but I was told by John that Dennie “wasn’t ready.” When I mentioned this request to Dennie, he responded that he and John were writing poetry and a book together. That in fact, he was learning things from John and using his ideas to formulate projects! And this was all happening while Dennie was asleep!

Now let me back up a bit. Before this part of the conversation occurred, Dennie mentioned to me he was being very quiet. He had periods of time when he was “meditating” and working at the same time.

I had asked Dennie if there was any place that he wanted to see. I was offering to drive him anywhere locally that he might want to visit. Dennie’s response was “no.” He was happy just to be in his home “getting quiet” so he could write and meditate. He wanted nothing more.

I was surprised to hear that Dennie was really focused on meditating and writing. He has been encouraging me to write and not let time slip away from me as it continues to do. Yet in his voice I could hear and feel a very calm, serene mood. As he spoke, Dennie was filled with a joy that comes from knowing oneself. It was as though I was listening to an enlightened one. Dennie had found a secret. While my life was racing by, his was moving in slow motion.

So it was that Dennie shared with me he had contact with John in his dreams. Not only did he have contact, but they were actually writing & doing things together! Let me give some specific excerpts from his dream notes:

Early 1996, a month after John had died. There seemed to be two Johns & one had just died. I vow I must appreciate the other one more. (Dennie writes: Perhaps this is through trying to promote his writing & writing about him and us.)

 August Dream (the night would have been our 27th anniversary). John sends quilting instructions with someone for me to complete an octagon mandala we’ve begun some time ago. He doesn’t appear in the dream, but his presence is very strong.

 2000 Dream: With John, writing a novel together; he’s revising his 15 short stories. he says, “I promise I will never leave you .” Then I see him through a train window as the train leaves the station. [Note: Dennie put John’s short stories together as a collection, “Knock na Gow. Stories from Ireland,” & published them on Kindle]

 April 5, 2007: John & I are living in Paris. We’ve found a place where we are helping to serve food to many young people. Some can pay & others can’t but are served anyway. There’s a large white board where people leave messages. John points to some notes he’s made for me about writing a story.

 Sunday, June 13. John and I have found a little place in the country. There is a tiny general store and then you go on a long, winding dirt road to the place. It is not heavily wooded and the furnishings while not sparse are adequate. John has been preparing a meal. He has a whole fish to bake, not flattened out, but rounded with stuffing. And some other nice things. I thought how nice to see him cooking & how fortunate I am!

 July 18: John & I have been writing notes & our dreams. We complete them & are amazed at how they coordinate.”

 Tuesday, October 5:” John & I are writing something together. I am putting some things on the computer, he is adding to it. We have lots of other note-bits & pieces of other things we are writing about. I’m updating them.”

 Sunday, March 4: “I find detailed notes John has left for me on writing a story about a dog. He has actually written some paragraphs.”

 And finally this last one; Tuesday, March 6: John is encouraging me to write a story about a Naval Officer who is gay. He outlines the story & as he is talking, it becomes real.


So I wonder out loud, is this all possible. And if so, can one truly “channel” specific information from a departed soul? Are there others out there who have been able to do this? Has Dennie developed a deeper level of meditation/sleep state which enables him to bring in John and get information from him? From his unconscious? Is there a cause and effect occurring here? Is it even required?

Or has Dennie been able to reach a deeper quieter calm essence, where when he falls asleep or dozes off, is he able to allow John to “come in” & direct subjects to write about?

More importantly to Dennie, he feels he is now “relating” to John. As though they have an ongoing relationship which happens to include writing books, articles and engaging in other things together. Which is really true! Dennie is doing the physical writing, but John is feeding the ideas and details.

So I ask, can we channel in our sleep state? I ask why not? I consider the fact that Dennie receives information from John when he is dreaming! What a miraculous development.

So where do we go from here? Is going within, meditating & reaching a deeper level of existence a way to tap into the ongoing soul of a departed one? And if so may we call it a “relationship?” Is Dennie re-creating a present ongoing relationship, albeit in the dream state only? Can a departed soul meet a person in the physical body in the dream state? And dare we call this “channeling”?

I answer why not?


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