Dream. Maxwell Jones setting up a huge project in a rural setting—acres & acres of land, all barren. Max plans to establish a settlement, has tremendous visualizations. Is getting a lot of pressure, including from me, for specifics & to begin on a small scale. Difficult to communicate with him as he’s years ahead […]


Other ways of seeing Reality to one may not be so to another, just as what is reality at one moment may not be accordingly at a different one. “Magic realism” of writers & artists expands our sense of reality. “To find probabilities out of real facts is the work of the journalist and the […]


  What do we see when we read? Reading, renowned book cover designer, Peter Mendelsund, reminds us, encompasses internalizing our own memories, desires, expectations, visions & distractions with those that the author uses in his story telling. It is this interactive, “co-creative” undertaking that forms a kind of “mystical union,” with accompanying “mystical revelations,” Mr. […]

December 31, 2017

A new site for Dennie Briggs, to bring in 2018 with dreams, insights and conversations

With thanks: Ian Milne

The original Dennie Briggs site was created by the late Ian Milne in 2010. It began life as a sub-folder on the the Therapeutic Community Open Forum website, before Ian moved to its own dedicated space at More to follow.