Dream. Maxwell Jones setting up a huge project in a rural setting—acres & acres of land, all barren. Max plans to establish a settlement, has tremendous visualizations. Is getting a lot of pressure, including from me, for specifics & to begin on a small scale. Difficult to communicate with him as he’s years ahead of me in his visions.

              There are some others from his past, but they’ve all been “modified.” An attractive young lady who’s very active, a remnant of Jeannette [2nd wife] is one. They’re starting to lay straw on all this barren land; I also see cushions, drinking glasses, & so on, all made of straw. The woman & I are trying to get a small portion cleaned out; downside we can see Max, acres in the distance, in a Don Quixote sense, still strewing straw.

              I’m feeling great frustration as I’ve become a kind of middleman, his “Sancho,” trying to support Max & those who have become discouraged & want to leave, trying to keep up their hopes while trying not to get too discouraged personally. Ultimately I think the venture is doomed as Max has taken on too much & moving too fast without adequate resources, proper backing, & people to carry it out.


 “. . . the greatest characteristic of Don Quixote is his indomitable spirit, his belief that if the spirit of man will not allow itself to be stifled, his potentials are unlimited.” The Impossible Dream, Man of La Mancha.


Illustration: “Sancho! My armor, my horse!”  by Fred Holle

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